Michael Ray

Castlefreke, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
E: michaelrayclay@gmail.com


Micheal is presently working in earthenware, making small production runs of domestic pottery and one-off objects using localized reduction with slips, traditional earthenware glazes and metal oxides.

He is interested in process and how the material can reveal its intention. Michael has a B.A in ceramics from Cardiff College of Art.

I lectured in ceramics for a number of years in colleges in the UK before becoming a production thrower– running a pottery in an industrial museum setting, digging local clay and firing large traditional terracotta garden ware and architectural pieces and a range of tin-glazed earthenware in a wood-fired beehive kiln. Since moving to West Cork I have worked as a visual artist and occasional arts facilitator using both clay and glass. I am presently making raw-glazed vessels decorated with slips and sgraffito. 




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