published 23/07/2013

“Gathered Here” 26July-13 August

In the year of The Gathering we have gathered our own group of 5 Irish Makers working with different materials to exhibit their work in “Gathered Here”. This exhibition features the ceramics of Diane McCormick who last year won the Etain Hickey Award for best Surface Decoration at the Irish Contemporary Awards. Diane has made a collection of hand built porcelain with her trade mark textured lustred surfaces. Her inspiration comes from a love of the natural work, the birds and animals found in the changing seasons of the Irish countryside.

Showing her wonderful quirky Automata for the first time Muriel Hoey ideas come from observing ladies and their well tended window boxes! She says they reflect the character of their owners and can reveal something unexpected. They may not belong to ladies, but they bring pattern, colour and scent for all to enjoy as well as the intrigue of imagining the life inside the window.

Orla Harding makes jewellery with a difference and has produced her first collection of limited edition crocheted fine wire & semi precious- stone pieces for this exhibition. She enjoys mixing media and textures experimenting with new materials to discover new combinations. She describes wire as “having a memory”, it can take shape and have a mind of its own if not worked with great care. The simple beauty of Orla’s work belies the structural complexity and long hours that go into each piece and you will find something both unique and elegant here.

Maura Whelan is a glass artist who has been working from her studio near Macroom for over twenty years. Each piece starts as a drawn image and becomes a multi layer glass drawing. Her lighted pieces challenge the boundaries between art and function and remain the distinctive hallmark of her work.

The second ceramist is Kira O’Brien and she like the other exhibitors, is influenced by her surroundings and people . Drawings are etched into earthenware pieces. She searchs for conversation and an emotional connection between the viewer and her work. With each mark made she looks to relay a message of understanding and common ground. The work which lies within these parameters suggests everyday accounts of life and love and wanting, of stillness and time gone by, of moments cherished and loved ones lost. It bears witness to everyday occurrences whether these are joyous or sad.

Our Second exhibition “Ripples in the Sand, Ripples in the Rock Pools” opens 15th August- 14 September. More information to follow.

Contact: Etain Hickey collections, 40 Ashe St, Clonakilty. 023 8821479