Two four-day workshops, were hosted by the Society of Cork Potters at Rossmore Pottery, near Clonakilty, County Cork.

The workshop leader was Mariann Bán, a ceramic artist from Budapest. You can see images of some of Mariann’s work at:

Open to anyone over the age of 18 years, with some experience of working with clay. Participants made some work of their own, under the guidance of Mariann Bán and shared their knowledge and experience with each other. Each course was open to a maximum of 12 participants.

1/ “The Sound of Clay”

Friday afternoon, June 3rd to mid-day Tuesday June 7th 2011.

Mariann Bán started with a demonstration, illustrated with images of some of her own work and of objects that have influenced her work in ceramics.

Under Mariann’s tuition, participants made and decorated small hollow ceramic pieces, forming apertures to create musical notes and whistles. Other methods of making sounds with clay objects, such as bells and chimes, were explored. Participants learnt the basic techniques and developed their own ideas.

2/ “Evolution of a Ceramic Artist”

Friday afternoon, June 10th to mid-day Tuesday June 14th.

Strongly influenced by Folk Art and by her early years as an apprentice in the Puppet Theatre, Mariann has developed an individual and unmistakably European style, which is apparent in all her richly decorated ceramic work. The work ranges through dolls, figures, angels, cats, birds, boxes, sarcophagi, wall-pockets, and most recently, bird-feeders. Much of her work has moving parts: limbs, hinged lids, drawers that open with treasures inside.

In this workshop, Mariann described the origins of her work and showed how her work has developed over her long career. Participants were encouraged to make some of their own work and, under Mariann’s guidance, to explore their own influences and new directions for their work. They brought home plenty of ideas for future developments in their own practice.