Portrait Photograph

David Seeger

Studio near Baltimore,
West Cork.


David Seeger is an artist who has enjoyed making ceramics, mainly one-offs, for well over 50 years.

Often they carry some thought or intention about what a pot actually is.

For example, his “Black Hole” series play with the fact that pots have a hole, usually in the top. The “Twirling the Edge” series explore the ambiguity of where and what the line may be between the inside and the outside.

His “Touching the Void” series discover how the “hole” may be seen as a black three dimensional form (eg. a cube) , and the only way to tell whether it’s real or illusion is to touch it (or not).

His pieces are made for the touch of both hand and eye, and for the imagination.

Similarly his sculpture and paintings express his exhilaration and surprise at the discovery of beauty in new ways of seeing.


Visual Arts Cork (encyclopedia of Irish artists)

West Cork Craft and Design Guild



Studio near Baltimore,
West Cork.