I recently graduated with a BA hons in Ceramics, Glass, and Textiles from Crawford College of Art and Design. My work focuses on making 3D sculptural objects using different materials and processes. I have a keen interest in DNA and Genetics. The FBN1 Gene is responsible for causing Marfan Syndrome, an inherited genetic condition. One of its symptoms is Spinal Curvature such as Scoliosis and Kyphosis. Deforming the body, shortening the torso, pushing out the shoulder blade, tilting the hips, and adjusting the normal body ratios. These factors have influenced the creation of my current work. 

I love working with porcelain and my pieces are either hand built, slip-cast or wheel thrown. I don’t use a lot of colour in my work currently, but I sometimes decorate with a small section of print. The imagery I use is created digitally using DNA tables and the Marfan Gene. They are applied using custom silk screens and stencils. 



Cork City

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