Jim Kelleher

Martha Cashman

57 Spriggs Rd,


Martha’s most recent work is in glazed paper porcelain. Very fine kitchen utensils (non functional), some pieces interspersed with woven wire, carved birch and ash wood to accentuate and enhance the delicate white porcelain. The pieces are either box framed using limed ash or hung simply from rusted nails. Pieces from this body of work have been bought by the UCC Art Archive Collection, CIT Art Collection and the Crawford Student Collection.

Martha’s work pays homage to the teachers of her past. “The farm helpers and local women who visited and helped my mother in the house. Their understanding of the daily running of a small farm holding impacted on me greatly and led me to appreciate and respect the land we took from daily.”

The ceramic pieces have been exhibited in a travelling show titled Womanagh, inspired by irish rural teachings and a disappearing traditional style of living.

Sales Outlets

  • Keane on Ceramics, Kinsale, Co Cork.
  • Lavit Gallery, Cork City.
  • Etain Hickey Collections, Clonakilty, Co Cork.
  • Courtyard Gallery Midelton, Co.Cork.
  • Gallery 126 Youghal, Co.Cork.
  • Old Market House, Dungarven.
  • Zozimus Gallery, Francis St. Dublin.
  • Cronin’s Gallery, Crosshaven, Cork. www.croninspub.com
  • www.youghalonline.com



57 Spriggs Rd,