published 15/06/2014

We are delighted to say that a workshop with Sasha Wardell has been confirmed for 27th & 28th of September 2014.

Over the 2 days there will be a series of plaster demos to include: Hand-carving an already turned plaster model; Making a simple drop-out mould with a reservoir ring; Making an irregular setter ( firing support for bone china/porcelain)

For the Decorating you will be shown how to prepare and colour bone china casting slips. There will be a series of decorating techniques to include: layering and incising ( leather -hard); Layering and slicing ( bone-dry);Water erosion/etching (bone-dry).

Finishing techniques to include:Fettling and sponging bone-dry casts; Sanding soft-fired piece.

Discussion of firing cycle for bone china. Sasha will also give a powerpoint presentation.

Open to members of SCP & non members.

The cost for the two days is €100 or €60 for one day for Soc Cork Potters members. Please send a deposit of €25 with your booking. This should be a facinating workshop with plenty to learn about, both making moulds and decorating techniques.

For further information contact Etain. email: or phone 023 8821479